Video Analysis for getting to next Level

If you have been playing table tennis for some years or just beginning to play the game , video analysis can help you get some quick results . It is proven that humans learn faster with visual cues . You can make some quick steps , if you see yourself play. What is best way to see yourself play , off-course a recorded video. When you see yourself play and compare your movements with some other player , you will get ideas about how to modify your action to be able to play like the other person who might be playing better than yourself. It does take you forward. But.....

         Once you are past that phase of self analysis , you need professional  support to fine tune your technique. We help you do exactly that . Our coaches  do this analysis as part of their coaching work , with our regular players , as an example please see the video below

To get your video analysed get in touch with us. We do following types of analysis

  • Specific stroke analysis for individual player strokes - Beginner to Intermediate Level

  • Specific game sequence/pattern analysis - Intermediate to Advanced Level

  • Specific opponent analysis to construct match play strategies against specific opponents - Advanced Level